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Let Lilian walk you through the process of selling your home and getting the most profit from the sale! Lilian Jorgenson is one of the Top Producing Agents with Long and Foster Real Estate and recognized as Washingtonian’s Best Top Real Estate Agent for the past seven years! In this special episode, John and Lilian sit down to discuss in detail the steps required to prepare and list your home for the most successful sale in the shortest time possible.
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[00:00:05] Speaker 1 So welcome back to another episode of the Go With John Show. Today, we are honored and delighted to have my mom back in the studio with us. Lilian Jorgenson Welcome Lilian.


[00:00:15] Speaker 2 Good morning and welcome.


[00:00:17] Speaker 1 Yes, thanks for coming. So today we are going to talk about what it what’s involved in selling a home. And obviously, I think most people use a real estate professional to sell their homes, and you’re certainly very good at what you do. You’re one of the top agents with long and foster for how many years? Oh, a lot. A lot.


[00:00:42] Speaker 2 10. 15.


[00:00:43] Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Well, at least 15. Yeah. So that’s great. Congratulations. So you realized last year you were number one in the company for settled units. Listing sold? Yeah. Listing sold. Yeah. That’s great. So there is there’s about 10 steps the way I break it down to sell in your home. So I’ll just kind of run through them and then we’ll talk about some of the details along the way here. So the first thing you got to do step one is you got to call Lilian, Colin agent, then Lilian. When you go out to someone’s home, you’re going to walk the home, you’re going to talk to them about what needs to be done and you’re going to sign listing papers and we’ll talk about that in a second. So that step two step number three is you have to prepare the home for sale, so you may have to paint changed some carpet and whatnot. Then once the home is prepared, you’re going to have professional pictures taken the floor plans drawn up and you’re going to get the home ready to go on the market and you’re going to get the marketing ready. Step number five is you list the home. Step number six is you have showings where people come in and see the home. Step number seven is you field offers and negotiate contracts. Step number eight is you ratify a contract. Step number nine is you have to manage the home inspection contingency, the appraisal and financing of whatever other contingencies are there and then step number 10 is closing the transaction at the settlement cost. So if you boil it down to its simplest form, there’s a lot to do in each one of these steps. But that’s what the agent is going to do. You’re going to do is you’re going to walk him right through all of these things, correct? Yeah, OK.


[00:02:26] Speaker 2 And I think the first thing, of course, is I come in to meet you and we take a look at the house together. We walk through all the rooms and you tell me what you have done to your home each room. And I pay very close attention to everything I see, such as Do we need to do anything in the living room as an example, looking to see if we have any cracked paint and moldings that needs to be carved and items like that? And just walking through with you and you tell me all the things you have done to the home, what you love about your home, and that I’ll be able to carry through and selling your home. And as we go through everything, we go all through all the three floors and then we come back to the kitchen table and we will sit down and talk about what is the next step. Mm-Hmm. I’ll have a couple of questions for you. Are you moving right now or what is your timeframe? And you will then tell me what you are doing, and that will gauge me to decide which is the best course of action. Mm-Hmm. If I feel that we need to paint, we need to stage a lot of things you have in the home to present the home for everyone. Because remember, all the personal items we love is not what the buyers love today, and we want the buyers to focus on the house and not on the stuff in the house. So really, that is very, very important. And you may look at me and say now I don’t want to spend any money and you know, the carpet is good enough. It’s only 10 years old and we love it. And then I will tell you how important, at least in today’s market it is if you really want the very top competition and a top dollar for your home. We should refresh the home a fresh coat of paint, neutralize everything. Maybe do a few upgrades of new light fixtures, maybe a new faucet, just a couple of items to make the home sort of in today’s market ready to go. And the money you spend on these expenses will come back to you in a higher price and in a quicker sale. Mm-Hmm.


[00:04:56] Speaker 1 Most of the time. Most of the time. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.


[00:04:58] Speaker 2 Ninety nine percent


[00:04:59] Speaker 1 of the time. So it seems really simple, but it really is complicated. You know, I’ve sold many homes personally, and I’ve had you help me with with my sales.


[00:05:08] Speaker 2 Well, it means cooperation between, you know, the sellers and the agent and I have vendors. I can help you. We have movies that can help you pack small items to go into storage. We have a great carpet companies that I recommend that do a good job for the best price. But most importantly, they do it quickly. We don’t have to wait around. They have enough in their warehouse that they can put new carpets in within a week. We have painters that will jump because they used to work with me and know when I call and recommend them that they have to come. It’s not. We can be there in 30 days, it’s we can be there in two days.


[00:05:48] Speaker 1 Right? So when you’re when you’re walking the house or the paint in the carpet seems obvious. But but there’s a lot of general decluttering that has to happen even if you’ve lived in a home for a short time. So you really you like folks to take down their personal pictures. Yeah. Do you recommend that?


[00:06:04] Speaker 2 Yeah, because I have found showing houses myself with clients how we come into a home. We go into the library and they are all the diplomas hanging on the wall and the buyers will go over and start reading, Oh, look at this. I went, Oh, I went to college with this sell. All this is really exciting, and they start looking at all of the names and diplomas and the children and everything. And I just think taking these things down is really great because it focuses on the house and not on the things in the house, right? And too many things on the walls. We’ll have some pictures up for staging. Too much furniture can make the house look smaller, so sometimes we recommend moving out a few pieces. I work with a stager and part of my presentation is I pay for the consultation for two hours with a stage. And she’s phenomenal. And she will be the third person sort of the third wheel coming in and say, I recommend you do this and we should do that. And hearing it from a professional and explaining it from a professional. Very often the sellers understand that, yeah, this is a good idea. Mm-Hmm. And having done this for thirty seven years, almost I know how important it is with the suggestions I have. It sometimes means the difference of selling right away and not selling and having to do these things 30 days, 60 days down the road.


[00:07:34] Speaker 1 Right. And it’s a lot harder to do it when the homes on the


[00:07:36] Speaker 2 market then, you know, normally get negotiated.


[00:07:39] Speaker 1 And I’ll just, you know, another thing, it’s really interesting. I had a buyer that I was working with some years ago and we were looking at a home and we walked the home. They loved it. The husband and wife were very happy with it. And then we got down into the basement and there was football memorabilia all over the basement from one particular team. And this buyer, he hated that team.


[00:08:07] Speaker 2 Yeah, he was from the other team.


[00:08:08] Speaker 1 He was from the other team. And I’m not going to say which team it was, but often happens. And he says, there’s no way I’m buying this house.


[00:08:15] Speaker 2 You never know. It can be the littlest thing. You said, tick you off. Exactly. We as agents, we know that from so many appointments for so many transactions that we try to educate you to do the very best because I realize you only sell a home every 10, 20, 30, 40 years. It’s not something you do every day. Where is this? Is what I do on a weekly basis. I sell a home every week to mazing for thirty seven years. And so I have seen a lot of homes, a lot of scenarios. I have seen almost everything. But of course, just as you think there’s nothing else you can learn, there is a new scenario. It always comes back or something always comes up. But and I sell in all areas and all neighborhoods I love when my cell phone call and tell me our is getting married and they’re looking for their first home and we want you to help them. And this is what they can afford, and I’m delighted to take them where we can find a wonderful starter, home townhouse or condo in the nearest neighborhoods where we can afford to buy, because that’s the key. Of course, you’re not looking at a million dollar home, you’re looking at something for five hundred six hundred thousand in this market today. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up, but should it be that you have $400000, we can take you to neighborhoods that sell in that price range. And I know the neighborhoods I have been in, all of them all over northern Virginia, into Loudoun County, down the Highway 95 corridor to acquire Harbor. I’ve even sold in Fredericksburg. Not that I want to go there today, but I can just tell you what you can get for your money. And what neighborhoods you want to be in, and so that is a very rewarding phone calls to get and be able to help somebody by as well.


[00:10:13] Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s good. All right. Well, we’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we will continue the conversation. More with Lilian Jorgenson. OK, we are back and Lilian is still with us, thankfully, she hasn’t departed during the break. So, so so we’ve had so we’ve had the chat about you show up, you walk to home, you tell the folks what they need to do. You sit down at the kitchen table, you sign the listing papers and then you leave. And then kind of the real heavy lifting starts, right? And you have to you have to prepare the home for sale and the stager comes out and then the owners have to decide along with you, what are they going to do or what are they not going to do so? Exactly. Yeah. And at a minimum, all they have to declutter and they have to get their personal items down and anything that may, you know, yeah, send somebody sideways.


[00:11:14] Speaker 2 And so some of the sellers are a little overwhelmed once in a while. Do we really have to do all these things? And I tell them, No, you don’t. You take everything with a grain of salt. See what these stager is recommending and see what you like. And then you and I will have the conversation. What do I think? And then together we decide what to do or not to do. And I’m not here to have you spend a lot of money. I’m here to educate you on what is really going to position your home as a No. One home to sell. I know right at the moment we are in a situation where houses sell very quickly, but it can make the difference of fifty thousand one hundred thousand dollars in the condition and the looks of your home. So I think doing a few things are very well taken at the very minimum we look to upgrade. Lighting, lighting and fresh paint are your two most important improvements. The new LED light bulbs that give you daylight in a dungeon. In the lower level, your storage room should light up so you can see everything in there. Instead of just having a one 60 watt light bulb in the ceiling. How about your closets? Can you find the blue socks, the brown socks and the black socks from each other in the drawer with a lighting you have in your closet? Can you tell the colors on all your suits hanging in there, the gentlemen’s off closet? And then again in the ladies closet? And when you put bright lighting in there, it’s like just up, you know, the light the world lights up and it’s just phenomenal. And so you will find the changing of light bulbs is really number one. Yeah. And then light


[00:13:05] Speaker 1 and consistency because light bulbs come in all different. Oh yes, you have to check how many Collins is the light bulb, exactly. You can have a you can have a 3500 Calvin light bulb, which is more yellow and a 5000 Kelvin, or it’s is more prevalent with LED lights, a five thousand kelvin, which is a bright, bright, bright white, you know, and and you’ve got something in between, so you need consistency throughout the house. Yeah, yeah.


[00:13:31] Speaker 2 And I also want to take just a little jump back because I actually forgot to tell you that coming up to your front door is your calling card to your home. Who are you? Who lives behind these walls in this lovely home? And the first thing that I notice is, do we need to paint the front entrance door itself? Many homes have tarnished hardware, so we need to change the hardware on the door. We need to paint the front door and certainly the surrounding woodwork to the front door. And do we need to power wash the outside bricks or slate coming into your home? And of course, stepping back even a little bit the mulching of the garden and coming up from the driveway to get to your front door, that is your number one. And then we come inside and you have this shining front entrance. You expect to come into this lovely home and finding it’s going to be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. That’s always right away the perception of who we are coming in to sell your home. So in in walking through, then we we sort of discuss, well, this is what the designers of a stage were suggesting. What do you think, Lilian? And I would say, I agree with this, and I think it’s great change out the little light fixture over the kitchen table in the kitchen. I think the brass chandelier in the dining room should go because this is really what we had in the 70s and put one of the new chandeliers up. Remember, the biochip home today is going to be a younger couple with a couple of children. Everyone is busy. Everyone is working. They don’t have time to do anything. But most importantly, they don’t know who to call, who to install a light fixture and it becomes a mountain and. We know that some of these improvements, it’s just like a molehill. We can just jump right over a molehill, but we can’t jump over a mountain and so we want to help the buyers be all ready to to love everything in your home. I will also suggest if you have really heavy window treatments, we want to take them down. Nature is really the window treatment of today’s homes. We love the outside. We love the only light that comes into the house and having deep balances and dark curtains cover up the windows is really a little bit passé. The younger buyers today, they like nothing. They like roller shades. They like plantation shadows and remember where they shop for their home. These days, they go to restoration hardware, they go to Pottery Barn, they order the modern, they order a lot of things online and they want to see their things in your home. And so therefore, it’s important that we try and upgrade your home look as much as we can with what you already have in your home. Changing out a few pillows or take pillows away from the sofas in the living room and family room, and a little thing like just putting a white cotton throw on the beds, in the secondary bedrooms and the master, and a couple of fun, fluffy pillows that we can buy for 999. You know what? Some of the stores, the discount stores and you know who they are. Those are little things, and it’s like a wow when you come in. A few tricks, for instance, some mirrors on the wall. Having a mirror in the living room over the fireplace is awesome as you step into the for your new look into the living room. The light reflects back into the dining room with a mirror on that wall and brings more light into that room. And that’s just a little trick, and I’ll recommend buy one you like and you take it with you for your next home. You can use the mirror and then we come to a few changes with wallpaper. Wallpaper is very, very personal. I know I love my wallpaper in my powder room. That’s what I did. It’s a little room. I love it. But if I sell my home, I have to take it down. So wallpaper is personal and we have to remember that everyone has a different color scheme and just, you know, take down the wallpaper, take down the board or you have in one of your rooms. Because when you look at the ceiling, that border brings attention to the ceiling. Your eyes go to the border and you now notice if your ceilings are low and that’s something you don’t pay attention to if you don’t have a border. And since no one is doing that in today’s market for the last five years, that would be something we should definitely think about taking down. So, yes, you and I will go through the suggestions from the Stasia and then take what we think we would like to do. So now we have decided what to do. Now we have to have the plan. And so the stage will come back and then she will help move some furniture away. Put some furniture over here. Tell you to put this out in the garage because we’ve now decided this is what we’re going to do. And then I will help you with vendors. We have great painters, great floor people, great electrician to come in and reschedule. And let’s say you’re moving to a small home, you’re going south and you have 5000 square feet of stuff you don’t want to take with you. I would recommend we do an estate sale. And we’ve done that in different ways. We can do it. OK. You want to move and take your things with you? Or do you want to take the things you want to take with you and put it into storage? And we staged a home with what’s left over or we just thin out all the things you have put them in the garage for selling. Once we sell, then you can make the decision because now you’re moving. We have sold, contingencies are removed. And then the stage comes in and then I mean the the estate people come in and prepare the house for the estate sale for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I get the house cleaned up on Monday and we can go to a settlement a week later or three days later and turn it over to the new buyer. So I have a whole process of timing where we can get everything done in a timely manner. But then there’s the other flip of a coin you will tell me I don’t really want to sell until July. I want to wait until. And today I’m speaking to you, it is beginning of February, and you’re afraid it’s too early. And let me tell you, it is not listing your home. It’s like yesterday. And why is that you? There are so few listings houses for sale that you, the seller, really you are in charge and we get it so quickly. We can negotiate a 60 day settlement and then we can negotiate a 60 day rent back. So you essentially will have four months from the day of contract to actually move. So if you think about the children that are out of college, out of school in June, and that’s when you want to move. Well, if you list in February, get ready to go in the market. Let’s say March, April, May can go to settlement and then June, July. You actually can get June, July before you have to move out once in a really. While the buyer cannot give you that went back and at that time, then we have to decide, do we want to take this contract or let it go and wait for the next one?


[00:21:37] Speaker 1 Yes, it there’s a lot that happens in selling a home, and I think you talked a lot about preparing the home for market and you certainly had a lot of good tips in there. And I think my take away is every situation is different. Yeah, absolutely. So every person is different, every couple is different, every seller is different and every house is different.


[00:22:02] Speaker 2 Yeah, you know, and of course, we should just touch on contingencies right here because nothing happens in your home until all contingencies are removed. We are in a special market with the competition now saying we’ll buy your home. We don’t ask for any contingencies. But there still are few buyers that want to have a financing contingency and an appraisal contingency, and that whole process is about 28 days or 30 days. And I do not want you to move anything out of your home or commit to anything without contingencies are removed. If you are going to commit to rent a property to buy another property, then you must put in your contract on the other end contingent on your home going to settlement. That way, you are 100 percent covered. Should anything happens to your contract, then you don’t buy or rent the next property. We do this all the time, but you really need a professional agent to help you maneuver through all of these things. And remember, I have lived through them all. I have done them all. I can help you with renting. We can help you relocate. We can help you with the movers. We have all the answers. If you just want to ask and that’s the advantage, of course, working with an agent who’s got experience in doing this year after year after year in all the markets we’ve seen here in northern Virginia.


[00:23:34] Speaker 1 And that is a good point because the market is a seller’s market right now, but that could change in a day, you know? Absolutely. Interest rates go up. It may become a buyer’s market. We don’t. We don’t know. Nobody has a crystal ball. But I think at the moment it’s certainly a seller’s market. So tell us you actually had a good story that you you told me about a townhome that you just listed where the seller didn’t want to do anything. So let’s let’s just finish up this segment about preparing your home. Talk a little bit about that story and what and what happened. Right.


[00:24:11] Speaker 2 So I met with my lovely clients. I sold them the townhouse when they got married. It’s a wonderful story. They loved it. They’ve been there for seven years now. They have two children and they’re moving on. And of course, meeting with them, we had a conversation. They knew they had to paint some of the walls, quote unquote. And do we have to change the carpet? And I told them that, yes. Let me tell you the difference of you doing what I’m suggesting to do and not doing is going to mean a lot of money. So they said, OK, we listen to you. We agree. And we ended up then painting the whole townhouse and we put new carpeting all upstairs. We had hardwood floors on the main level. We had new carpets in the lower level and we pressed the home. It was under $500000. And they, of course, they moved out and we were lucky they could move out and give us the vacant house. That’s not always the case. But in the market we’re in, that’s what we’re recommending. Because let me tell you, five days on being available on the market to show we have. At 75 showings, can you imagine living there with 75 agents and buyers coming in to see your home is absolutely unimaginable in this market? I cannot remember this market in my thirty seven years in the industry. And ultimately, when we collected the contract, we ended up with a little more than 10 percent over list price, which is something certainly the sellers had no idea we would go that far. I thought we would go that far, and I had three very, very good contracts, but out of the seven. But one, of course, was the best with no contingencies. So the money spent that they had to borrow for painting and putting the new carpets in. That money came back to them, plus a whole lot more. So everyone is really excited and I’m excited to see them move on. And this is the kind of advice I like to give my clients because I feel like going through the whole process with you. I feel like I’m living with you, getting this house on the market, and I feel like when we are selling the house, I’m the one selling and I would want to do everything to help you the way I would prefer to be helped. And having bought a little property in another state and worked with another agent, it’s like, Wow, there really is a difference in service and how you believe things should be done. And I really go the extra mile because I can see you need to have your hand held here. We need to make sure that you know everything and you’re educated. So there’s never any doubt about what we’re doing. And then most importantly, I answer my cell phone. You call me. I answer it if I can. If not, I call you back within an hour of when I can. I’m always available. You’re getting me. You’re not calling a tape recorder and answering service or other agents in the office. I’m not working as a team. You’re working with me and I’m very proud of being an individual agent who all these years have helped buyers and sellers as one agent doing all the work from beginning to settlement. And of course, getting to the settlement table is another story. And that’s the ultimate


[00:27:47] Speaker 1 that is the ultimate. Yeah. All right. Well, thank you, Lilian, for sharing that we’re going to take another break and then we’re going to come back and wrap up our conversation for today. Lilian Jorgenson, we’ll be right back. Welcome back. Lilian is still with us, we are talking about preparing your home for the market, and so, Lilian, tell us what’s next.


[00:28:13] Speaker 2 Yes, so now that we’ve talked about what I would like you to do to get the house on the market for the best positioning to sell your home, I’m going to tell you, what am I going to do for you? And most importantly, we are going to photograph your home with the highest quality pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as you know, and positioning you on the internet looking the very, very best we can. So when the consumer’s looking at your home, they fall in love and they have to come see your home. And how do we do that? Well, we’re take lots of pictures, by the way, and I pay for all the marketing. I pay for the photographer for everything. So that is not any expense to you. But the photographer I use is absolutely phenomenal and they do great, great pictures. We do the outside of the home, of course. Then we do the inside of the home, all angles of the home and in the larger homes or most of the homes we do twilight pictures. And that’s different times of the day, depending on the time of year. And that can be really enchanting to look at your home all lit up and you see that on the internet. Then I have a graphic artist who personally is coming out to sketch your home. And to me, that’s very important because the buyer can see the layout of your home. It’s three dimensional floor plans. They get uploaded with the pictures. So after seeing all the pictures, they can now click and see the layout and they can look at Where am I going to put my furniture? How many bedrooms? Where are the bedrooms? How can we live in this home? And this is really awesome. So getting all of that done right away or soon? Well, of course, as soon as the house is ready, after we painted the cluttered, the photographer comes out the floor. Plans are done. We do social media. We do in-house marketing. And then we do print marketing. And some of these magazines have a lead way of six weeks, you know, for print. So I schedule everything as it comes up, and I then also want you to know, I don’t only tell you I’m going to do this. I am going to mail you the actual magazine, the actual newspaper. We’re going to send you an email of the print. We’re going to submit your home also to a feature story and one of the newspapers. And we give you everything because you’d be surprised. I sometimes come into a home that’s been listed, and I would ask the seller, Well, have you had any contracts and what any feedback? And no, we haven’t. I haven’t heard anything. I don’t hear from my agent. I don’t know what they’re doing. Well, I am shocked because I feel like, you know, we’re partners and we become friends. And I can’t do this job without your help and you can’t do this job without my help. So working together as a team in positioning your home and doing all these things is just, you know, what is just the best that we can do? And ending up with a contract and everybody is happy. That’s wonderful.


[00:31:40] Speaker 1 That’s the best. That’s like you said at the end of the semester, to get into closing is everybody’s happy. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. So, so is there a certain price point where I know you have a system and a process for everybody and people like that? So but at a certain price point, over 800000, for example, what happens? Right?


[00:32:02] Speaker 2 So over 800 million dollars we can advertise in high end magazines. Their cutoff price is usually a million dollars. OK, but we have lots of other avenues for all the pricing under a million dollars, but also actually what I think is important. I call my colleagues depending on where your home is, so I will call my friends and colleagues in Georgetown, in Bethesda, Gateway area, in Centreville, in Leesburg. If I get a listing in Leesburg, I call my local broker and the agents out there. I send them the fliers and information on your home to all the local brokers and that personal touch talking with the broker. What we have out there to help me sell you a home. We’re just all a big team and I contact the agents personally because I know sometimes they have buyers and I want them to know what I have and then I’ll send them. You link with the pictures, with the floor plans and say, take a look at this one. I just listed this house in McLean or Great Falls Vienna, Ogden, Alexandria, Mount Vernon, Centerville, Leesburg, Loudon, wherever and and it’s just another way of promoting your home with personal care and personal phone calls. Because, yeah, I think that’s very important. Just networking with everything we have is the name of the game.


[00:33:36] Speaker 1 Yup. Absolutely. It is where you work hard. Yeah. And it takes hard work to sell out, right?


[00:33:41] Speaker 2 That’s right. And I work seven days a week and you may say, Well, do I ever take any time off? Yes, I take a couple of hours here and there, but I’m here when you need me. Whether it’s Sunday, Sunday evening, Saturday afternoon, call me and I’ll also, if you need to see me, I’ll jump in the car and I’ll come. But the fact is, I’m always here and you can call me and ask. And I think to me, that’s the most important thing in my business that I am here for you, that you know, that I feel like I’m living in your home and having to sell my own house. And what would I expect to happen to sell the house? And I’m very proud of that.


[00:34:20] Speaker 1 So what’s your phone number?


[00:34:21] Speaker 2 Yeah, I’ll tell you seven three four zero seven zero seven six six. And of course, I have Lily Incom and my email is very easy. Is my name Lilian dot Jorgenson at Long and foster dot com. Just have to remember one l in Lilian


[00:34:40] Speaker 1 well to the first L and the


[00:34:42] Speaker 2 one L in the middle.


[00:34:45] Speaker 1 Lilian Yeah. Yeah, good, good. So, Lilian, thanks for sharing all that with us. So, so you know, we talked a lot about getting the home ready today and what you do once the home is ready, it’s a very, very long and complicated process. You really simplify it for four folks. So. So hopefully we’ll have you back another time and we can talk about some of the other areas. I think, you know, there’s a lot to talk about with regard to showing your home. You already talked about your buyer where they had to move out because you know you didn’t want to be there for all the showings. That may make sense, but we can talk about appraisals and home inspection contingencies and financing contingencies, so a lot to talk about. So is there anything you want to add before we kind of wrap up our episode today?


[00:35:32] Speaker 2 We have to remember that each home is very individual, and I’ve just given sort of an overview in what I do. But as I come out to your home and we assess everything. We also just to remind you, we walk a lot and we look around the home and I may be suggesting trimming and grass cutting, etching and new mulching. And we move a couple of bushes and can we add a bush here because we really need a little help in this corner? So all of these things I’m suggesting and talking to you about, you may not want to do them, but I feel like as you age and anything we do that, I suggest, will enhance the sale of your home. And remember, bottom line is, I work for you. I’m trying to get the most money for your home because you are selling usually the biggest assets that we as homeowners have. That’s our nest egg. And the more we can get, the better it is.


[00:36:35] Speaker 1 Lilian Jorgenson, thank you for coming in. This wraps up another episode of the Gurwitch on show. Go out there and build something extraordinary. Thank you.