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What does it take to build something great? Something meaningful, substantial, and impactful? Something that will withstand the test of time – like a business, a home, a team, or a relationship.

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John Jorgenson has been selling homes for Stanley Martin Custom Homes for nearly 15 years, helping people make their dream home a reality in Northern Virginia. John is an entrepreneur whose professional career includes launching, owning, and managing successful businesses since the mid-1980s. His highly successful track record crosses a wide variety of industries including real estate, new home construction, video production, and marketing. Throughout his career, John has been on the front line with his customers, while at the same time managing his staff and company processes. His extensive and diverse experience provides him with in-depth knowledge of how to succeed in life and in business.

John Jorgenson



What does it take to build something great?  No, not a model plane or a sandcastle but something bigger, more substantial, more meaningful, and something that will withstand the test of time, like ……a business, a home, a team, or a relationship.

Go With John as he interviews entrepreneurs, custom home builders, family, leaders in business and relationships, and even some everyday people who have built something extraordinary. What encouraged them to build? How did they lay the foundation?  Get the answers to these and many more questions when you Go With John!

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