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Are you feeling trapped because of financial worries? Don’t let it stress you anymore! Tune in for this special episode with Julie Holly; real estate investor, high performance coach, and podcast host who is helping people live the life they want through passive real estate investing. Join John and Julie and discover how to find the motivation to push yourself to the next level in the new year!
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[00:00:04] Speaker 1 So welcome to another episode of the Go With John Show. Today, we have Julie Holly joining us from snowy Idaho. Welcome, Julie.


[00:00:13] Speaker 2 Hey, thank you. I’m so happy to be here.


[00:00:17] Speaker 1 Well, listen, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to come and chat with us. So tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do and kind of what what drives you every day.


[00:00:30] Speaker 2 Oh, my gosh, man. There’s not a day I haven’t been driven. And I unleashed all of my I found the synergy when I found apartment syndication. And through that syndication process, I also discovered high performance coaching. And I just felt God put all of my worlds all together. It was like we imagined living in a snow. Since I’m in a snow globe, it is snowing like she’s it’s just been snowing for days right where I live. And so just imagine me in a snow globe that is just still and stagnant. And it’s a cute little scene in there. And then a little kid comes up and just starts shaking the snow globe and it’s all everything everywhere. That’s what happened when I discovered syndication and high performance coaching. It was like all of my everything, all my potential, all of my purpose, all of my skills, talents and everything that had been created over the course of 20 years all came together for this amazing, powerful opportunity. So it’s I every day. I mean, I still lived with purpose and intention before then, but it was more that pursuit of I know I’m on the right path and the trajectory and then everything just was harness is like this is it. Finally, I was so happy. And so now, I mean, I love it. I serve investors. We’ve placed our precious conscious investors have, you know, are now in this year alone over $100 million in apartment complexes across the United States. And I’ve been able to serve. I also high-performance coach and I’ve been able to serve clients who are making. I can’t say anything because it’s all confidential. Right? But like the businesses that are being created right now through my coaching, it’s like everything’s just exploding and it’s so exciting.


[00:02:23] Speaker 1 So it’s really two different things. Apartment syndication and high performance coaching or is it all together? So tell us just kind of explain what it is and how it works.


[00:02:35] Speaker 2 Well, here’s here’s how this works is I had this very strong embedded belief that you can be financially successful but personally bankrupt or you could be personally successful, but you’re financially bankrupt. And, you know, when you are seeking out to invest, you’re obviously wanting to grow your finances. And a lot of people find success financially and then they just feel empty, they feel displaced, they feel lonely. And then on the flip side, you have the people that are like, I want to do more. I just don’t know how to activate what is already within me. I don’t know how to discover it and how to really put this potential into the world. And so that’s the marriage between the two worlds. And most people try to separate. Okay, No, you know, high performance coaching that’s got to be over here in this box. And investing is so mechanical, it’s over here. And yet we all have access to the same information. We all have access to the same books, podcasts, YouTube channels, everything’s seminars, events. So why isn’t everybody having $1,000,000,000 assets under management or something like that? It’s because we have this hindrance in our minds. So in my world that I am the conscious investor, like everything is married together.


[00:03:53] Speaker 1 Fantastic. Fantastic. So what? What would get you out of bed every day? What’s your motivation? Oh, gosh.


[00:04:02] Speaker 2 I am on this mission to serve and support the world. Specifically, this year, my number one goal is to serve and support 50 people in that mix on the coaching side and on the investing side. I want to know that I have supported 50 people in taking their first or next step. Because if we can cast that, if we just effects one person in the world, it casts a ripple effect. And so now we have this force multiplier effect that takes place. And so I know if I can show up and be me, be authentically me and and actually empower others to do that so that when they’re investing, their investing isn’t just dollars and cents, they’re putting more into the community. Just money. It gets me out of bed. I love my family, don’t get me wrong, But my family and and I’m going to make some people cranky right now. But family. Family is a moral and ethical responsibility and obligation like it’s a good thing and it feeds us and it fuels us. But that’s only going to get us so far. And we’re here to serve and support our family. That’s a given. But to me, there’s there is more. There’s another layer that we’re supposed to contribute in the world. Beyond that.


[00:05:22] Speaker 1 I get it. I get it. So. So what? What are your roots? So how did you get where did you start from and how did you get from A to B? Did you have any challenges along the way? Do you have any stories of overcoming adversity? Tell us a little bit about how you got from where you were to where you are today.


[00:05:43] Speaker 2 Yeah, always. Everybody. You cannot get anywhere in life without facing challenge or challenges and obstacles. I love Ryan Holiday’s book, Obstacle is the way every single person needs to read that book. It’s powerful. And so the reality is, like I started in a traditional, like strong family and I was a third generation in real estate. And and I went back and forth between residential real estate and public school education. So I started a career. I was a overachiever. I graduated college early and and started teaching at the tender age of 22. And they were handing out pink slips. I thought I was in a safe place. I thought, this is a government job. I am a teacher. They are not going to, you know, like I have a pension coming at the end of this. I’ve got summers off and I’m contributing to the world helping raise the next generation, that this all felt altruistic. It felt good. It was like reading all the boxes. And then when they start hitting up pink slips and I did not receive one, but I was near that line of receiving one. I’m like, Oh, wait, somebody else has control in my life. Like, I don’t like that. It’s like, if I’m going to, this doesn’t seem like a win win here. And my family always thought me like grandpa, Dad, everybody always find the win, win, win. Everybody needs to win for something to be a success. And I’m like, Wait a second, I’m willing to be here. But you you’re going to just lay me off. I don’t like this. So I went into residential real estate and also found in that space I could be extremely successful and make so much more money than I did as a public school teacher. And it was amazing being able to go buy a new car and do all this fun stuff. Right? And it also I squirreled away a lot of money and then I realized this is before the crash, when there was a lot of like, you could forgive me or you could buy a house and oh my gosh, since I have the ethics and morals of of my faith and things, I’m just like, oh my gosh, I did not have a thick enough skin. And so it’s interesting, even when even saying this now, with what I said earlier about how coaching and investing go hand in hand, it even shows itself here. It’s like, Well, I didn’t like this part of teaching, so I pivoted. I went into full time residential real estate sales, and yet I didn’t have the wherewithal and the thick enough skin to manage and navigate that that space right internally kangaroo and successful in at rest. And so, you know, it just and that led me back into education. But in the meantime, I’m like, okay, we’re have a rental and then have it, you know, use this little rental portfolio. So it was really interesting. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when our second daughter was born. It was it felt so vulnerable. And I tell the story often and I had like we had the reserves, it was fine. Like really nothing. Like we’d always had everybody paid on time. We never had a problem. I just felt vulnerable. And I told my husband like we were at the top of the market. We thought we could wait another three years and like cashed out even more. But I wouldn’t be where I am now if we did that. Sure. And so there’s always there’s always, you know, flip sides to everything. And but through that process, we ended up, you know, sitting on some money and I’m like, I can’t stand sitting on this money. It’s being wasted. We need to invest in my husband. You know, we have a great relationship of trust. And he’s like, Oh, figure you know what? You figure out what you want to invest in next. And and let’s, you know, let’s explore the options. And that’s where I discovered syndication. So that’s kind of like a real high level. Of course, there is some highs and lows in all of all of it, but yeah.


[00:09:45] Speaker 1 I guess so. So talk a little bit about when you say you didn’t have thick enough skin for real estate. Tell me a little. And the reason I’m asking is we we actually just released two different episodes where we talked to three different realtors, one of them being my mom and Lillian Jorgensen. And we just talked about what is the real deal with being a realtor. So maybe you can add to that conversation. So when you say your skin wasn’t thick enough, talk to the folks about that. What does that mean?


[00:10:18] Speaker 2 Okay. Well, let’s let’s all add maybe some credibility here a little more. So my grandpa was a top performer for century 21 and retired at 91. And he was just interim long before. And then the realtor magazine, like long before when he had to, like, do ten pages thick of carbon copy. My dad was an elite agent, and then my son did this son in law thing like my dad and went into real estate after our first child was born. And now we have Remax Brokerage. So I definitely, although I am not personally in the residential real estate game anymore, even now, I’m still connected to it by way of my husband’s career when I did not have thick enough skin. It was interesting because my overall worldview is I approach the world as people are good, people are honest, people are sincere, people are genuine. People will choose to do the right thing. People will look out for others. And then you get into this residential real estate space when you know you can forgive me here and there, basically handing out money to like overleveraging all sorts of people. It was crazy. And and to see how people would. And part of this is also I was really I was still young and obviously very naive because you could see my worldview, although I still have that world view of looking at people in the best way possible is tempered now. But I was looking at, oh gosh, like there was an instance where they wanted me to sign these documents and they wanted like some other agent wanted in this particular deal. They wanted me to do things that were unethical and I was a whistleblower. So I’m like, I’m not going to do that. This is wrong. And it turns into this huge, big thing. And it didn’t feel good. It really I mean, I’m glad I chose to do what’s right. And then you’d have people that would just kind of sneak your clients from you. I’m like, Yeah, you throw elbows like there is. I was always taught there is plenty of business out there for anyone who wants it. I’m like, Why would you why would you take my listing? Why would you take my buyer? Like, why would I’ve been working with this buyer for a long time and you just told them that you’re going to write the contract, even though, you know, I’m working with them and I showed them the house Like, I just like these people are bonkers. I don’t understand how they can think that this is a a way to not just live life, but like, how do you build a business like that? You know.


[00:13:00] Speaker 1 It’s a dog eat dog business. It really is. This the sad part about this? So you probably know there’s just from being in the business, you know, if you do a great job, you will have more business than you can handle. You can’t you know, you get referrals. You know, you go out and, you know, service 100 people and you start getting referrals from those hundred people and referrals from them. It’s it’s literally impossible to keep up with the with the opportunities that come in. So it is it is rough when you’ve got other people trying to, you know, nip at your heels, so to speak, when you’re grinding away. So. All right. So one or two more questions and then I’ll then I’ll wrap up. So what do you have a big lesson that you’ve learned out of your career? What do you like to tell young people when you’re speaking to folks? What advice do you have for them as they’re embarking on their professional journeys?


[00:13:55] Speaker 2 Do what you love, do more of what you love, and then double down and do more of what you love. If you’re an artist and you love art, figure out a way to to create art all the time. It’s a message that isn’t taught in our world, and yet that’s where we find our greatest success. And so we’re taught that we have to go and we have to get a particular type of job so that we can have a particular type of lifestyle. And it’s all this prescribed formula and people are really unhappy because it doesn’t work for them. It is suffocating their actual inner purpose and their deeper talents and contribution to the world. So it will feel awkward and clunky and weird. But take that bet on yourself and live that out. Surround yourself with other people. Your friends need to be people that are growth minded, people that know what are what are your goals? What kind of life do you envision for yourself? And so being willing to bet on yourself and surrounding yourself with the right people and it doesn’t mean your network is your net worth. Like I have friends that are in other other industries and do other things and and yet they’re the people I just spent time with them this weekend is like, Oh no, we’re going to talk about where we’re going and we’re going to support each other. We’re going to help troubleshoot each other almost like a mastermind. But it’s the deepest kind of friendship you could possibly have. And when you do that, your life becomes just unstoppable. And then you want to wake up every day like it’s magic. Oh, wow. What’s going to happen today? I already know I’m going to do something that I love. I’m going to have to do some tasks I don’t love, but I’m going to love that. And now you’re showing up in the world with this whole different another disposition.


[00:15:44] Speaker 1 Right? Right. Fantastic. Fantastic. So is there anything else you want to add to the conversation today? Was there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to chat about?


[00:15:55] Speaker 2 Well, you know, let’s let’s see this. I would add that oftentimes I hear people get concerned when there is transition. So I serve a lot of investors who are transitioning into a new investment style. And so that feels interesting. And I support client coaching clients who are oftentimes making huge transitions from a full time corporate space into full time real estate investing or other type or starting their own businesses in another capacity. And in that process there is inevitably a test upon test upon test and one of those test. Is, or oftentimes we see those and it’s like, Oh, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. And we start doubting ourselves. And so I just want to encourage, you know, the amazing listener that you’ve landed on your feet so far to this point in life because you’re not six feet under or spread across the ocean. And so you’re going to be okay. Like when this turbulence comes, it’s a it’s oftentimes says, I’m going in the right direction. If I’m facing that resistance, that means that I’m catching the wind in my sails and it’s going to be good. It’s going to work out. So don’t be afraid and don’t listen to the news and all the people that are doomsday and everything. The sky is falling. Every day is an opportunity in the you have influence in your life to do really massive, big things.


[00:17:27] Speaker 1 Right. You know what you hit on a couple of things that I talk about all the time. Number one is don’t listen to the naysayers, because they’re all out there. They’re all they’re at this. You’re surrounded by naysayers, 10 to 1, wherever you go, you talk about anything. There’ll be somebody there. And the other thing I’ve noticed is I’ve seen a lot of people in my life go out there and start a business or start a venture, and they go out there and they work, work, work, work, work, work. And just to your point, they get frustrated or they get scared and they quit right before they’re about to succeed. Like you can just watch somebody and you’re in your mind going, This guy or this gal or these folks, these folks are going to make it. And then they just get scared cold feet or they panic and they stop right before the success comes. And you have to pay for your success in full, in advance. So people forget that. And the success just arrives one day after you’ve done all this hard work. It’s really an amazing day. So great, great point to end with. So Julie, how can folks get a hold of you if they want to learn more about you?


[00:18:34] Speaker 2 I would love to get a hold with people. Let’s go to waste. Remember, I’m looking for 50 people. That’s like, I don’t need to influence a whole lot of people. I just want the conscious investors very much interested in supporting people in a deep, meaningful way versus a whole bunch of people that we don’t even know. So three, these investments and the conscious investor coaching, it is all about how do we actually deeply connect in support people. And so we’re looking for 50 people that are looking for that next level in their life. So you can reach out to me at Julie, at Julie Hollywood.com, you can just go to Julie Hollywood.com if you want and schedule a time to time. You can email me and my phone number is also pretty easy. You can. You are welcome to call or text. It’s 208 because it is north Idaho. Number of what is it 6030996.


[00:19:30] Speaker 1 Fantastic Julie Holly thank you so much for taking time to come in and chat with us today. We really enjoyed it. This will conclude another episode of the Go with John to go out there and build something extraordinary. Thanks for coming in, Julie.


[00:19:45] Speaker 2 Thank you so much.